Monday, October 11, 2010

That state of current "popular music" is pathetic...

So i used to be a HUGE fan of the Black Eyed Peas. I could even stand some of Fergies solo stuff. But this latest trend of "the beat is banging" ... "this beat is..." crap is tired. I cannot put into words, seriously, how absolutely sad it is that absolute crap has become popular. The pop worlds of Britney Spears were bad enough, at least it had lyrics. Now we have an entirely new era of sloppy dance beats with about 5 words repeated over and over. Combine that with absolutely horrible use of this "auto-tune" sound, and we have the current music industry. If you want to create mindless music, please leave it to the clubs where everyone is so drunk, the beat is all they hear anyways. If you want to use any type of synthesizer on your vocals, please refer to Zap and Roger to see how its done CORRECTLY! If your ability to sing depends on thousands of dollars of equipment to engineer it into something that doesn't resemble a cat in heat, then you don't deserve to be where you're at. Ugh... I have about 1,000 more cents to give, but i'll leave it at 2.

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